Collecting plastic caps

Students of the first elementary school in Čakovec, in cooperation with the Public Institution for Nature Protection and the Association of Leukemia and Lymphoma patients, collect plastic caps. Plastic caps are made of valuable plastic that is in high demand. The collected corks are handed over to a waste management company that buys them in Zagreb and Varaždin. The students of our school diligently collect corks and thereby collect financial resources for the treatment and help of leukemia and lymphoma patients in an environmentally friendly way.

After recycling, the caps can be used for storage containers, shipping containers, mixing bowls, spatulas, watering cans and more.

If the materials are recycled, a lower price of the final products is achieved, but it also affects the halting of climate change because the level of carcinogenic compounds that are created by burning plastic is reduced.

With this action, students create habits of care for the environment and recycling, but also develop values promoted by humanitarian aid.