What is hidden in the regional park “Mura-Drava”?

In order to learn about the life cycle of the large and extinct meadow blue butterfly (butterfly) whose habitat is Bedeković’s hollow, and the importance of humans for the preservation of the habitat and the species. Accompanied by teachers: Maja Hižman, Marije Toplek and Helene Slamek and a professional guide, the youngest students of the First Primary School Čakovec Croatia are 20.1.2023. explored the banks of the Mura River, rode the scaffolding, visited the Mura Eco Museum in Žabnik and visited the center “Between 2 Waters” in Križovec.

The students were enchanted by the knowledge that such natural wealth is hidden in their region and promised to take care of the environment and contribute to the preservation of nature in order to preserve all plant and animal species for future generations.